Welcome to Reception

The children are settling in well to Reception. It’s a big jump up from Nursery and the children have enjoyed exploring the areas of provision both indoors and outdoors – the bikes outside and the construction/creative areas indoors are especially popular!

Stay and Play

We have started our weekly ‘stay and play’ sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday morning. It has been lovely to see parents attending to play with their children and experience some of the things we do in Reception. The children would love to show you around so please do come and join us whenever you can!


The children have been really enjoying their weekly PE sessions with Rocky (our specialist PE coach) and we have recently begun our movement play sessions in PE.

Understanding the World

Our current topic is ‘Ourselves’. The have been thinking how we change from babies to adults, and we have also been thinking about our bodies and how amazing they are! We even made some funny self-portraits by looking in the mirrors and using different materials for our different features.


The children have enjoyed learning a new sound every day in our Phonics sessions! We are also beginning to learn to recognise and write some common high frequency words that you can find in our word list books. The children are accessing writing opportunities in all areas of the classroom – sometimes this can get messy with chalks, paints and even cornflour and water!


The children are really enjoying joining in with counting songs like ‘5 speckled frogs’ and ‘12345, once I caught a fish alive’. We have been using lots of different games and activities to help us count up to 10, and represent numbers in different ways, using our fingers, writing numerals and counting out different sets of objects.