Welcome to Year 2


This half term we have been completing lots of challenges in writing. Providing the children with the chance to independently complete writing challenges is great fun and an exciting way of learning. We have built Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma’s house and drew maps to show the journey to grandma’s house. The children have also built the Gingerbread Man’s house from lego. Before they could build it, the children designed and labelled it carefully to create the best house.

We have been partitioning numbers using the base ten equipment to represent tens and ones. In Year 2, it is important that children can partition numbers into tens and ones to help them recognise the value of a number, to add and to subtract! The children have really enjoyed using the equipment for this and have started to explain themselves and improve their reasoning skills.

To teach the children how to write instructions, it only seemed right to let them decorate their own! Swallows have carefully designed their gingerbread men and used different decorations to personalise them. The children then were able to write some fantastic instructions to help others decorate their own gingerbread men.

The children have used lots of drama activities in their writing lessons to inspire the children and immerse them into our topic of Fairytales. We went on a journey with Jack to the top of the beanstalk and landed in a magical land. We labelled what we saw in the magical land around the classroom. Caleb has found a magic, giant key! Where do you think would this door lead in the Giant’s land?