Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 have had a great start to the year. We have been learning all about WW1, thinking about why the war started, what life was like in the trenches and the illnesses that soldiers may have had to deal with.

In history, we worked in groups to design and make our own trenches, we had lots of fun (and made lots of mess) whilst doing this. The trenches looked amazing and really showed the conditions that soldiers had to live in.

On our trip to Lotherton Hall, we found out about what hospitals were like in the war and about some of the injuries and diseases that soldiers would get. We couldn’t believe that Lotherton Hall really was a hospital in WW1! Once back in school, we wrote a description of trench foot – it sounds horrendous! We then pretended to be a doctor who had to describe the symptoms and treatment of shell shock, lice and trench fever – those poor soldiers had so much to deal with!

Remembrance day will soon be upon us, so to prepare for this, we have been learning about the importance of poppies and how these flowers became so important. In art we have used different mediums (including pencil, coloured pencil, pastel and crayon) to draw our own.

We are looking forward to learning about how WW1 ended, and then all about WW2.