Welcome to Reception

Robins and Puffins have done lots of exciting things since Christmas!

We had lots of fun during book week; having a pyjama day,  dressing up as our favourite book characters and reading with Year 3 when they came to see us!

We really enjoyed Science week too! We looked at everyday household liquids and their properties, and we investigated what it means to have a fair test by racing cars down ramps. We had a great time pouring liquids down channels in the classroom to see which one would get the bottom first (and which one made the most mess!). We enjoyed investigating the liquids with our senses, particularly smelling them!!

In Phonics, we have been looking at set 6 +7 letters, consonant  and vowel digraphs and a handful of trigraphs. Our topic this term has been Knights and Castles; more recently we have had a particular focus on the story The Red Knight. We have made story boards and acted out the story so far, building up to writing our own versions!

In Maths we have done lots of work around Shape, Space and Measure with a focus on positional language, whilst continuing to develop our understanding of numbers 1-10. Some of us are beginning to develop our understanding of numbers 1-20. We have also started to look at introducing fluency, reasoning and problem solving to our maths so that we can show our understanding.

Thank you for all your help with our learning, continuing to support children with their reading books, word lists and sound tins.