Welcome to Year 2

Year 2 have been learning about the life cycle of a frog as part of their science week. The children have examined photographs of the different stages and have identified the changes that happen to the little frogs. We are also lucky enough to have tadpoles in our classroom and we are tracking their changes and developments every day.

The children have used design and making skills to create a desert island. The children worked in groups to design and label their islands, they thought about landmarks and the beaches too. The children then used newspaper and mod-roc to build up their islands, the children created different sized balls of newspaper to form levels in their islands to create a rock like effect.

The children in Swallows have been learning about Under the Sea and Africa. We have written a range of fiction and non-fiction in the last term and created some fantastic pieces of work. The children have written fact files, stories and diary entries. We have imagined what it would be like to be under the ocean and on a safari trip to Africa.

The children have been working really hard in maths to improve their number and shape work. We have been learning to use coins to make the same amount through investigations, we made lots of ways to make 50p with our partners. We have also been practising our arithmetic skills to try and get quicker at solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions

The children had the fantastic opportunity to take part in a workshop provided by the RSPB. The children were told a story and they went outside to investigate the different habitats and homes of the creatures that live on our school grounds. The children were so brilliantly behaved and appreciated being taught by someone who knew lots about the habitats and environment.