Welcome to Year 4

We ended the Autumn term with an amazing art project with Amanda Phillips from Leeds Art Gallery. We all made a decoration from plastic and then some of our children were lucky enough to go help Amanda install this in Leeds Art Gallery.

After an exciting end to first term we have continued through the Spring term with some exciting topics.

Firstly we learnt about the Romans. We focused on what they did for fun, where they lived and also the Roman Army. We loved finding out about Boudicca and created some excellent wanted posters linked to this. One of our favourite activities linked to the Romans was when we created our own Roman shields. We have went out onto the playground, marched like the Roman Army an created a tortoise shell formation out of our shields.

Linking to our topic we have looked at Escape from Pompeii. We thoroughly enjoyed this book and created some amazing diary entries linked to our day when Mount Vesuvius erupted. We used our senses and powerful vocabulary to create a clear image for the reader.  Also in English we have explored the Roman sport of chariot racing. We watched some video clips and read about the brutality of chariot racing. We used short sentences to build tension and impact. This work was the best writing we have completed all year!

In Maths we have been further exploring number and have developed a good understanding of our written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have used the practical equipment to represent calculations, moved onto using drawings and then moved onto a more formal written method. We then applied these skills to problem solving and reasoning. We will be moving onto fractions in the summer term.

The last topic of this term was Natural Disasters. We looked at volcanoes, earthquakes and flooding. We loved finding out about how volcanoes form and what happens during a natural disaster. In particular we loved creating our own volcanoes and making them erupt!

Our story linked to this topic was The Firework Makers Daughter by Phillip Pullman. The book was amazing and we loved it so much Swifts class chose this book as their design a door competition for World Book Day.

We are very excited for the final term of the year and Miss Young, Mrs Gorman and Miss Marshall have lots of exciting activities in store!