Lead: Rebecca Lunn

Curriculum Intent


PSHE education is a school subject through which pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy, happy and safe, and prepare to live, work in and make a positive contribution to society in modern Britain. Evidence shows that well-delivered PSHE programmes have an impact on both academic and non-academic outcomes for pupils.

At Blackgates we have pupils who come from a diverse context, and therefore we use a variety of resources in order to meet these very differing needs. We feel very strongly we have pupils who need to be provided with strong morals and ethical debate as not all pupils will grow up with this provided in the home.

Our school, in partnership with parents, has a vital role in preparing children and young people to negotiate the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly complex world. Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education is the school subject that deals with real life issues affecting our children, families and community. It’s concerned with the social, health and economic realities of their lives, experiences and attitudes. It supports pupils to be healthy (mentally and physically); safe (online and offline) and equipped to thrive in their relationships and careers. PSHE education helps all children and young people— to achieve their fullest potential.

PSHE education:

· Contributes to physical and mental health and wellbeing, encouraging individual responsibility for health.

· Contributes to the safety and protection of our children and young people, from staying safe online to understanding risks associated with drugs and alcohol.

· Promotes independence, resilience and responsibility — preparing children and young people for future roles as parents, employees and leaders.

· Supports employability by developing the personal and social skills demanded by commerce and industry.

· Supports pupils to be critical consumers of information and develops the skills to identify misleading news or views on social media and elsewhere.

Our PSHE Curriculum

You, Me and PSHE

At Blackgates Primary Academy, we base our PSHE Curriculum on the 'You, Me & PSHE' Scheme.

You, Me, PSHE is a planning resource which supports the teaching of PSHE education in Key Stages 1 and 2.


The planning resource includes lesson plans, whole school and year group curriculum overviews, assessment activities and resources for teachers to use in lessons. The curriculum overviews enable teachers to track topics across the academic year alongside relevant learning expectations. The protected characteristics are weaved through our PSHE curriculum and daily life at Blackgates.

Each topic in the resources incorporates activities to establish the starting point of learners and assess progress. The topics included are:

· Careers

· Drug, alcohol and tobacco education

· Financial capability and economic wellbeing

· Identity, society and equality

· Keeping safe and managing risk

· Mental health and emotional wellbeing

· Physical health and wellbeing

· Living and growing

The PSHE Association’s subject Specialist Karen Summers says:

“You, Me, PSHE is a comprehensive and engaging planning resource which supports the teaching of PSHE education across key stages 1 and 2.The learning objectives and outcomes in each of the lesson plans are clear and precise with many opportunities for pupils to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills. Each topic incorporates activities to establish the starting point of learners and also cross-references to resources produced by the Islington Health and Wellbeing team.”

At Blackgates we further enhance the positive outcomes of this scheme through a whole range of other vital life skills including: Investors in Pupils, Growth Mindsets, British Values, online safety, fire safety, anti-bullying week, NSPCC Pants Rule, first aid training, road safety, water safety, cycling proficiency and railway safety. We also weave in Mindmate lessons each half term and lessons from P4C which enhance pupil’s debating and forming opinions whilst listening to each other. We teach pupils how to regulate their emotions using the ‘Zones of Regulation’ approach. Each class from Years 1 to Year 6 participates in 2 Zones of Regulations lessons per half term. Altogether we believe this will provide our children with the skills and understanding that they need to manage risks, make informed decisions and negotiate life successfully.

To ensure a positive and safe learning environment for our children during our PSHE lessons we establish a set of ground rules with each class of children. These ground rules will then remain consistent throughout the class in all PSHE lessons.


If you would like to see more detail on P4C lessons or Zones of Regulation lessons, please see document ‘PSHE at Blackgates Primary’.

If you would like to see what is taught in each year group, please see the long-term plans in the curriculum section.


Zone of Regulation displays

Growth mindset displays

Investors in pupils displays