Welcome to Year 4

What a great first half term we have had. The children have settled into their new classes well and we have welcomed some new faces to new year 4.

Last half term we were learning about India. We enjoyed learning about this fantastic country including its culture, animals and history. We have particularly enjoyed our work on Indian art and loved creating Diya lamps to celebrate Diwali.

Linking to our topic in English we have explored the story of Aladdin told by Philip Pullman. We created some amazing descriptive work linked to the story and loved our drama lesson where we used body language and facial expressions to develop our understanding of show not tell sentences. For example; Aladdin’s hands began to shake, his heart pounded and his eyes opened wide. In addition to this, we also began to explore fronted adverbials and through matching games and word mats we were able to include a variety of fronted adverbials in our written work and we are beginning to transfer this knowledge to other types of writing.

In Maths we have been exploring number and have developed a good understanding of place value. We have used the practical equipment to represent number in a variety of ways and then have applied these skills to problem solving and reasoning questions.

Through the week beginning Monday 23rd September it was recycling week. We encouraged all children to bring in their recycling (e.g. cardboard boxes, cartons) to be used to create some pieces of clothing for Blackgates Fashion Week. The imagination and creativity of all the children completely blew all of the teachers away. We had our own fashion show in assembly where we could showcase our designs.