Attendance Matters Newsletter


The Law

All children of compulsory school age (between 5 and 16) are required to receive an education. As parents/carers you are responsible for ensuring your child comes to school every day.

At Blackgates Primary School we know that regular attendance is directly linked to raising achievement and develops skills for life and work. Please support the school in this by ensuring that your child attends school regularly and arrives ready to learn and on time at 8.50am!


Attendance matters

Primary national pupil attendance is around 96%. This means that a child needs to attend school for at least 177 out of 190 days to meet national expectations.


Authorised or unauthorised absences

Absences can only be authorised by your child's school. Legitimate reasons for absence are:

  • Sickness
  • Medical or dental appointments (although wherever possible these should be arranged out of school time)
  • Days of religious observance
  • Exceptional family circumstances e.g. bereavement

School cannot authorise holidays in term time.  If you choose to take your child out of school for holiday in term time you may be fined.  There is a request form to complete if you need to take your child out of school for exceptional circumstances.  This includes time out of school for holidays.

If you have not completed a request form and school believes you have taken your child out of school for a holiday you may still face a fine. 

Where a child’s attendance falls below 90% school may stop authorising all absences and you may be asked to produce evidence such as a doctor’s note to cover any absence due to illness for your child.


Promoting Attendance and Support

We believe that working together with parents is the best way to result in positive attendance outcomes for our children.

We have lots of high profile rewards and systems in school to promote good attendance and punctuality with the children.

All classes that achieve 100% attendance are able to choose a reward, such as come to school in your PJs.

Certificates and prizes are given termly in recognition of good attendance and improved attendance. Last term, all of the children's names that received 100% attendance went into a hat and the lucky winner won a Toys R Us voucher worth £100.

Our learning mentor, Mr White, is happy to work with both children and families to improve attendance and punctuality. Come and talk to us if you are having problems.