At Blackgates Primary Academy we have a hardworking and dedicated pastoral team.

Within the team we have our two learning mentors:



Mr White and Mrs Lowe




Our family support worker:

Mrs Fitzpatrick


Learning Mentors

Mr White and Mrs Lowe offer the children a wide range of emotional support and interventions these include: Forest Schools, Drawing and Talking, friendship groups, lunchtime clubs, sports leaders, cooking, art and Guiding Lights.


Behaviour Support Worker

They support the children with their behaviour offering strategies and incentives to improve behaviour through building up fantastic relationships with them. They also offer a number of rewards for both improved behaviour and continued good behaviour, these include: house points and house point shop, reward experiences, soft play time, ICT time, extra PE time, reward charts and breakfast club.


Family Support Worker

Mrs Fitzpatrick is always on hand to support parents whether through a structured arrangement or just a drop in basis. She has a wealth of experience and offers parenting survival guides in both groups and individually. She can support with a whole range of issues and meets with parents either in school or at home depending on what works best for each parent.

Although there are different job titles and roles within the pastoral team they pride themselves on working together to ensure the best outcomes for all of our children and families.


Quotes From Children