Due to the rain the Sports Day is unable to go ahead. We will rearrange and send out a new date shortly.

Fantastic Phonics Results Year 1 - 93% - 2024 - Well done everyone!

 We are thrilled with our fantastic results across the school this year. Well done to all our brilliant children and staff! 


School open and closing times - Two Year Olds 8.45 - 11.45 / 12.20 - 15.20    Morning Nursery 8.50 - 11.50 (doors open at 8.40) Afternoon 12.10 - 15.10 

KS1 & Reception (Robins, Doves and Penguins) - 8.50 - 15.20 = 32.5 hours total per week.  Classroom doors open at 8.40  KS2 (Nightingales, Ravens, Falcons, Kestrels, Eagles, Hawks) 8.50 - 15.30 = 33 hours and 20 minutes total per week. Doors open at 8.40

Tours of the school are available on request. 


Welcome to Blackgates Primary Academy where children are at the heart of all we do.


Blackgates is a good school, our progress data and results show this, but more importantly this school is a happy one where pupils learn to appreciate success.

At Blackgates we believe all children learn best when feeling happy and safe.  It is always our aim to ensure all children enjoy learning.   We promote kindness and caring above all else.  If children are in a happy, safe environment with access to high quality teaching, presented in an enjoyable way they will achieve their full potential.

The safety of our pupils is paramount. We have worked hard to ensure the site is secure and have very strict safeguarding procedures in place. The health and safety of our wonderful pupils is a priority to all.

We are an inclusive school, believing everyone deserves a high quality education in a local school, regardless of disability. Blackgates has a much higher than average number of pupils who have a disability.

I believe our pupils are the best. They are happy, empathetic, imaginative, active learners. Behaviour within the school setting is good with visitors and professionals regularly commenting on this. Any behaviour which is not good is quickly dealt with and parents informed. Our behaviour policy rewards good behaviour, particularly children who are consistently good we have a system which pupils acknowledge is fair.

Our staff care. They have received high levels of professional development which has led to pupils receiving high quality teaching.

I believe offering pupils a wide range of exciting events is important. At Blackgates we offer a range of educational visits, including residentials to Robinwood centres. Our whole curriculum is based around experiential learning which means pupils have regular visits out and visitors into school which enhance all aspects of the curriculum 


Over the last five years our results have rapidly improved to be at or broadly in line with national. Five years ago the Ofsted judgement was Inadequate and we have improved significantly during that time. 

Here at Blackgates you will see high quality teaching, well behaved happy pupils, and rapidly improved results. This is because we care. We are determined our pupils will receive the very best of everything because they deserve it. 

Come and see what we have to offer. You can either call on 0113 8878155 or email at info@blackgates.leodis.org.uk


Mrs Julie Coulson





 Our children had the opportunity to take part in Yorkshire Sculpture international sculpture project.  Click on the link below to view the video which showcases the journey our children took through the project.