Making sure that you are safe both at school and at home is our top priority.  We do lots of work in school to ensure that you know how to keep safe by teaching you about first aid, road safety, water safety, how to be safe when out riding your bike, about drugs and online safety to name a few.

We also do lots of work about relationships, feelings and emotions.  We recognise that life can change very quickly and growing up can be difficult. 

There is always someone you can talk to in school and we would like to encourage all of you to have a ‘trusted adult’ (parent, grandparent, family member, friend or teacher) that you can go to for help, advice and support.

The following websites may be useful to you:

Childline 0800 1111


Young minds

Internet safety 

Internet safety (from internet matters)

The Market Place 


Mind Mate Games

BBC Bitesize

We will always be here for you…even when you leave Blackgates Primary Academy. Once you have been part of our family, you will remain so. We are here to talk to, to seek advice from and as a way of getting help. Don’t keep problems locked away inside: speak out! There is always something that someone can do to help.