At Blackgates, we promote living a healthy lifestyle which incorporates many parts of the curriculum, including PE. PE is vital in keeping children fit and healthy. Each class should complete two hours of physical activities a week not including break times and lunch times (where they also have many opportunities to play with different equipment, such as hula hoops and footballs).

In PE, we cover various skills throughout school. Early years focus on movement play and developing coordination and gross motor skills. Key stage 1 continue to develop these skills but also start to introduce competitive sports and developing their throwing and catching. Key stage2 incorporate all the skills they have learnt throughout their time at school and focus on developing skills to use in competitive games, such as attacking and defending in different contexts.

During children’s time in Year 4, they have the opportunity to go swimming once a week and all children are expected to be able to swim 25m before leaving Blackgates.

All children at Blackgates also have the opportunity to take part in a school sports day and extra-curricular activities. We currently have various after school activities, including: netball, dance and gymnastics.